Litter "O" Krážovská stráž

Litter "O"  - already 5. times we have the 2. generation of superior breed
birthdate: 5. May 2014
regulations of  superior breed

Informations on tel. num.:
  +421 / 905 276 915, +421 / 911 175 573     or e-mail 

Our litter "O" is the unique breed in Slovakia. Both parents are interchampions with many exams.

We had a similar breed in the litter "M" - 2013.

Cortina's mother Afrika Gora Monte is European junior winner with 6 exams and father Artur z Duhového kopce is multichampion with many exams mainly as a rescue dog.

Puppies are on the world - 5. May 2014

2 x female - black and tan
6 x male - black and tan
1 x male - blond

pedigree of puppies

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The current litter is last chance to have puppies for our Cortina. On selecting a dog - the father of the puppies we again gave pains. Iron is an impressive dog, exactly the same type as the Cortina. His pedigree is a combination of German quality, Austrian working talents and beauty of Czech hovawarts.

Iron and Cortina also have excellent nature are easygoing, open-minded, well work with them, or go into nature and society. We believe that such will be their puppies and that future owners will do just pleasure.

Puppies for sale

female Ottawa           males:  Orinoco            Orlando                 Oregon     

Decking Cortina and Iron:

Photos 1.week    Photos 2.week    Photos 3.week     Photos 4.week

Photos 5. week     Photos on the trip     Photos on the trip2


 Ich. Cortina Krážovská stráž
with many shows titles and exams
she is from superior breed

International champion - C.I.E,
Champion SK, H, CZ, PL,
Club champion of
Slovakia hovawart club
Slovakia Grand champion
The best female 2011 in Slov. hovawart club

excelent, CAJC, CAC, CWC,

eyes tests - negatíve

breed code: 6AE3M9R / AAA
exams: ZOP, ZPU-1, IPOR RH-E, ZM, Fpr 1, Fpr 2, SVV1


Placing in the competition of Slovakia hovawart club

The best female 2011
2. place of The best female 2006
4. place of The best female 2007
6. place of The best female 2008
4. place of The best female 2009

The best working hovawart in SHK
2. place  2007
7. place  2008
4. place  2009


more about Cortina

Cortina on working-dog

Ch. Cortina Krážovská had already puppies: 
Litter "F",
Litter "H", Litter "CH" and Litter "J"

Cortina's progenies:

GCh. Fidži - Champion SK, PL, Club champion SHK,
Slovakia Grand champion

titles: CAJC, CAC, CWC, res. CAC, res. CACIB, BOB
exams: ZOP, ZPU1, BH
RTG HD A a ED A, eyes test -negat.

Francia: CAC, HD A, breedcharacter AAA
Farrell: CAJC
Filipína: HD A
Fargo: very promissing, RTG HD A a ED A
Florida: very promissing
: very promissing

Jch. Hudson: 3 x CAJC - Slovakia junior champion
Hanoi: excelent, CAC on Club show
breedcharacter AAA, HD A

C.I.E. Chiara - junior multichampion, Multichampion
BOG FCI II. 3. pl.
excelent 4 on WDS Salzburg, excelent 4 on WDS Budapest


Jch. Chadwick -
Slovakia junior champion
CAJC on IDS, excelent on Club show, HD A a ED A

C.I.E. Chile - CAJC, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG FCI II. on IDS, multichampion, HD A a ED A
breedcharacter AAA

Chantal - CAJC CZ
Chelsea - excelent 2 on IDS,
Jch. Jamaica - The best puppy on Slovakia club show
CAJC on IDS, BOJ, BOB on IDS, Junior winner Grand Prix Slovakia 2013
Jalta - The best puppy on France club show
CAJC on Club Show
Jantar -
Jemen -
excelent 2 on IDS

Cortina's siblings have many titles and exams too:

Coral Sea: C.I.E, multichampion
Everest: C.I.B, C.I.E, FH1, FH2, multichampion
Emirat: res. CAC on clubshow
exams: ZM, SVV1 (100/94/88), SVV2 (90,78,79)
               BH, FPR1 (83b), FPR2, FPR3,  FH1, FH2,
               IPO1, IPO2 (99,80,82)
               RH-E, PZV1 (287) - water dog rescue
               ZOP (100 b), ZPU1


Ich. Iron Chatka Zielarki
with many shows titles and exams
International champion

exams: PT1, IPO 1

HD-A1, eyes and heart test - negat.

father x mother:
FRANCO vom Pfenningphul  x  ANDULA Chatka Zielarki 


Germany Champion VDH
Polish Champion, Champion of Lithuania, Russia
Polish Junior Champion, Junior Club Winner 2009,
Club Winner 2010, Polish Winner 2009
Winner of Lithuania 2011

more about Iron    Iron on a working dog



Photos 1.week    Photos 2.week    Photos 3.week     Photos 4.week

Photos 5. week     Photos on the trip     Photos on the trip2

Anything else informations about our puppies from previous litters:

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