Fotoalbum – Pelle Melle
Agaia as a puppy To je ale náhrdelníkGaia 1 Year old Today is Gaia very nice female
Už ju mámDog and water Jedovata krasavicaWe picked the mushrooms With 4-legs friends
Kubo a jaFree time in our city Martin Walking to the nature On a visit in Lanzhot - kennel Adamův Hrádek
Toto preskočiť? To je pre mňa malina.Gaia 
„in action“
Antalya a Ankara"A"-litter Psíci z vrhu "B""B"- litter
Nový prírastok do svorkyAfrika Gora Monte Afrika - mladá slečnaAfrika is no longer a puppy Trips and tours
Cortinka - a puppy Cortinka - young female Cortina 
and rucksacks
Family meeting on Remata Zuberec - the racing of  dog-teams Portraits from a nature

The training

Afrika on the float
Dakara Kráľovská stráž Litter "E" Litter "E" and the snow
Litter "F" The holiday in Croatia The winter
The puppies Fidži Súľov - rock
The runtraining Winter in the Malá Fatra Christmas 2009
Litter "G" Litter"H" PF 2010
Fidži Litter "CH" Riško the tomcat
PF 2011

Litter "I"

spring in Martin

Training of our kennel  2011

The carnival Bled  Slovenia

Afrika und Fidži in Croatia

sept. 2011

The High Tatras
October 2011
Our wallcalendar

Gucci the tomcat

the pictures and
the postcards
Christmas and PF 2012


Winter 2012
Litter "J" Litter "K" Litter "L"

Training - June 2012

the autumn in the nature


the St. Nicholas day 2012

Winter 2013